ByeBye facebook...for now

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I decided to give up facebook for Lent. I figured it would allow me to spend more time with the girls and for stuff like laundry and cleaning; I'm very excited about the former and less about the latter. So in these first few days the time I would have spent on FB has been given to my girls since I still can't seem to motivate myself to fold the several loads of laundry currently surrounding me in baskets...I guess at least the clothes are clean, and with this little experiment at least the girls are reaping...the benefit..?? 

This is a very random first post by me, and I will try and fill in the blanks on my story as we go along, as I say to Dan my mind is constantly dialoging my life...I'm just hoping I can filter some of the dialog for this blog.

2012 Summary

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Dan Olson Family - Christmas 2012

Let me do my best to describe 2012 in this Olson household.  We started off the year with wonderful news that Mya was pregnant, again, which transitioned her from primary bread winner to stay at home mother.  After she was done with her job, it was the beginning of the farming season, so, I got really busy.

We were fortunate enough to make the trip out to Breckenridge, CO in July.  Mya was even able to stay an extra week and visit the rest of her family in Denver.  We also made the trip to Denver for Thanksgiving as it was the last time that we could fly and would not have to buy Dani a ticket.

Mya brought a whole new definition to the term Labor Day by giving birth to our second child, June, on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  We were camping with my family that weekend and looking back at pictures, I must give a heart felt apology to my lovely wife who looks beyond uncomfortable in all of the pictures.  Sorry sweetheart.  I do also firmly believe that the baby would still be in there had we not done something stupid, like go camping.

We closed out 2012 with the Olson Family Christmas.  This event has completely changed in the last 5 years.  It has gone from beer drinking and related craziness to 7 children, ages 4 and under, running around.  To those of you that have seen the movie, The Fly, we went from good looking, clean cut Jeff Goldbloom, to the gross sticky floor, food everywhere, toys everywhere, spit up, throw up, mess that is The Fly.  Still tons of, just a "DIFFERENT" kind of fun.

Hope that 2012 was as wonderful for everyone else.  Here is a movie that my wonderful wife put together of Dani.  It shows her growing into the wonderful, strong willed 2 year old that we deserved.

I plan to do more blogging this year as this year appears to not be as hectic as last year, or, maybe I am just getting used to the chaos that surrounds parenthood.  Eitherway I will hopefully post again soon.

Peace and Joy to all.
-- Dan

Exterminate!! Exterminate!!

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Me with the laundry basket.Today I thought that it would be fun to run around with the laundry basket on my head and have Daddy chase me.  You know what, I was 100% correct in that assumption.  I think that I will play this game again someday soon.  I will even have to show my cousins, because I think they will really like that game as well.

Later that evening, Daddy put me in it, picked up the basket, then put me in the bathtub.  That was also fun.  But then, just when things were going well, he took the basket away.  Don't worry, I severly scolded him for his trickery.  That's right, gave him a tongue lashing that he will not soon forget.  He mentioned something about not always getting what I want.  Said that I will thank him for the lesson later.  Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Hugs and Kisses

Dani Joy

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